KJK Lawn Care Services

Lawn care is vital for everyone who appreciates their home and its surroundings. At KJK Lawn Care, we understand that the outdoor aesthetic of your home or business is as important as the interior. We have a team of experts that will consult with you to determine your exact needs.


KJK Lawn Care takes great pride in making sure your lawn looks its best every week. This includes mowing the lawn as many times as needed to mulch grass, mowing in different directions to prevent ruts and erosion, trimming around establishment, landscapes, trees, fences, etc., and edging and blowing all sidewalks and driveways.


Whether you are looking for maintenance on your garden or to create a new garden, KJK Lawn Care is your premier choice in Omaha. With decades of experience in garden design and planting techniques, your new landscape is sure to exceed even your greatest dreams.


The material of choice is laid over the top layer of soil around the plants in a bed or garden. There are many benefits to mulching, which is why this process should be part of your lawn care plan. Mulch prevents weeds from growing and minimizes soil compaction during the rainy season.


Fertilizer provides the needed nutrients for your lawn to grow lush and green. Without it, the grass is unlikely to grow healthy and full. It may also not be as green as you want it to be. KJK Lawn Care will help with all your fertilizer needs.


Our grounds care service crews are experienced, professional, and highly trained. We value our customers and we’re committed to providing advanced and effective landscaping services, designed to keep their homes beautiful through the seasons.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Spring cleaning always brings a good feeling — and it’s even better when a professional team handles the spring cleaning for you! Our team of landscaping and lawn care experts at KJK Lawn Care can handle your cleaning and make sure it is done right.

Weed Control

We help eliminate weeds in your lawn and prevent their return by maintaining healthy grass, using a minimum of weed killers and good timing. We use six strategies that simplify weed control and reduce your weed patrol chore.


Aeration can help relieve soil compaction, allowing your grass to grow deeper roots and make better use of water and fertilizer. Most home lawns benefit from annual aeration. Heavily used lawns, or those growing on heavy clay or subsoils may need aeration twice a year.

General Cleanup

We can handle a wide variety of clean up tasks, some of which include: leaf raking, mulching, mowing and edging, hedge trimming, weed control, tree maintenance, green waste disposal, and more.

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